The Vancouver, Canada based Henning Gold Mines Inc. is a gold mine company that focuses its regional activities in British Columbia. It actively explores and mines with its subsidiary companies in the Cariboo Gold District of British Columbia on landed property with a total area of more than 8,000 ha that originates in the legacy of gold digging legend Bud Henning.

The claims belonging to Henning Gold Mines Inc. were acquired by the late Bernard "Bud" Henning, an acknowledged expert on the degradation of raw materials, in his efforts since the 1970s. Over the decades, Bud Henning gathered a variety of largely contiguous gold and mineral concessions in various areas in Canada's Cariboo District at gold prices significantly below $ 300. After Bud Hennings sudden death in 2002, these concessions were assigned to his family and after further exploration work in the years 2009 and 2010 and the massive rise in the gold price they will now be recycled. The family has brought the claims completely into the Henning Gold Mines Inc.

Next to its own exploration and mining activities, Henning Gold Mines is also involved in raw material projects of various sizes. The experienced management has first-rate contacts providing is with constant access to interesting raw material projects and it constantly expands the group’s course of growth with holdings and joint ventures.


Stanley Gold Mines

The Claims of Stanley Gold Mines Inc. located in the Lightning Creek area and cover a total area of around 530 hectares. This area is comprised of steep sided valleys with flat broad flood plains containing river courses which bifurcate and meander across those flood plains.

Mary Creek Gold Mines

Mary Creek Gold Mines Inc. is responsible for the exploration and the mining of the claims in the area around the Mary Creek.

Goldvalley Mining

Goldvalley Mining Inc. is focused on holding shares or complete ownership in producing mines as well outside of the Canadian region in political stable and secured countries.

Eight Mile Lake

The Eight Mile Lake Placer Deposit is located in the Cariboo Regional District of British Columbia, Canada, approximately 460 km north-northeast of Vancouver, British Columbia.

Beaver Pass Gold Mines

For the project Beaver Pass of Henning Gold Mines Inc. the claims in the region of Lightning Creek Gold Basin are processed by the company Beaver Pass Gold Mines Inc. Currently the company has an area of 650 hectares for unrestricted use.