Born in 1912, Bernhard "Bud" Henning Sr. soon realized that drilling his property for natural resources such as water, oil, and gas was his primary passion. He created for himself the means to earn enough money to offer his family a good living and to accumulate enough wealth to continue his province wide search for the best sites to set up his own mining project.

In the 1970`s he established himself as one of the foremost, experienced water and oil well drillers in the country. After decades of hard work, crowned by success, he started to evaluate the sites around Quesnel, British Columbia. As he had previously done some drilling for various private and public entities throughout Canada, he observed that the results in the Cariboo Region were outstanding.

Historically, this region hosted one of the largest gold rushes in North America. During the 1860`s the "Gold Diggers" picked up huge amounts of nugget gold by hand on the surface. The gold rush suddenly came to an end and the "Gold Diggers" went north towards the Yukon territories, where a new gold rush subsequently took place. Even though less than 2% of the subterranean gold reserves were mined, low gold prices and the 2 World Wars, combined with economic depressions of the period, put the Cariboo region to sleep.

To ensure profitability, Bud knew very well that it was important to obtain as many gold claims as possible in large lots. Most small companies, which had continued searching gold on single claims, using low level equipment and working mainly by "gut feelings", proved to be less than lucrative. It took Bud many years to get the claim groups together, which he needed for his ambitious project. Drilling campaigns have been done from that point on and the results were more than satisfying.

During his stay in California in the 1980`s, dismantling a big gold dredge built by Johnson, Bud got hit by a stroke which was followed shortly thereafter by a heart attack. He recovered but lost too much time and strength to keep on working by himself. For the past 30 years, Bud was owner of many claims which he drilled and tested continuously. Until his sudden death in 2002, the claims and the company fortunately have been kept and maintained by his eldest living daughter Nadine and his grandson Paul. They have been working full time on this project for almost 8 years already, recovering as much of the "old" documents and reports as possible.

After the examination of the recovered reports and documents by the G.U.B. Engineer Corp., the leading geological institute in Germany, a "Fact Finding Mission" had been carried out in the spring of 2009. The results have been incredibly positive. With the collected data and historical facts from Paul, the G.U.B. Engineer Corp. was able to confirm that gold can be mined economically.